I am Setiawan G. Sasongko, a writer and cartoonist, 
bachelor degree of Philosophy Faculty of Gadjah Mada University. 
Born in Indonesian, November, 13, 1968. I have long experienced on publishing of magazine, newspaper, and book. My commitment is proved by founding makingBOOKcommunity
I make many themes of book: children stories, detective stories for children, 
religion book for children, teenage story, novels, short stories, 
mysterious stories, biography, etc. 
I want to offer my works and join together with You
You can order me to make children book story, illustrate, etc. 
You also can published my works in your language. 

Do you want to make book (e-book) for your child that  
your son or you daughter as main role in the story?
Are you want to make cartoon, caricature, illustrate for your book, etc?

Cantact Me!